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35 Seater Volvo Bus Hire in India

35 Seater Volvo Bus Hire in IndiaThe 35 Seater Volvo exclusive tourist Bus Booking based on the new TX product platform.It offers extremely high levels of technical quality, performance and total economy, as well as comfort and safety. The harmoniously colour-matched interior and low interior noise level creates a pleasant atmosphere. Large tinted windows and a gently sloping floor ensure good visibility for all passengers.
Volvo Buses offers tourist Bus Bookinges designed for efficient, safe and profitable transport. This, combined with outstanding passenger comfort and attractive exteriors, makes this Bus Booking an excellent purchase and a dependable long term business.

Features :

The Volvo is designed and built in every detail to meet the very highest quality requirements. From the driveline components to the stainless steel body, this provides superior corrosion resistance, low maintenance costs and a very long service life.

First-class driver's environment

The driver's environment is ergonomically designed and can be adapted to suit individual needs. All so as to create an attractive working environment. In order to adapt the driving position to individual requirements, the steering wheel can be adjusted for both height and angle via a simple control. It is locked in place automatically and released pneumatically. When the steering wheel setting is changed, the instrument panel moves with it to maintain optimum ergonomics.

Quick passenger through-flow

The broad centre aisle, the low, flat floor and the wide door openings create the necessary preconditions for efficient passenger through-flow and short halts at bus stops. Floor height is just 320 mm at the front door openings, 340 mm (320 optional) at the middle door and 340 mm at the rear door openings. With kneeling activated, entry height at the front door can be dropped another 90 mm. The floor is smooth all the way through, without steps at any of the doors. Generous standing room and the possibility of fitting three double doors contributes to fast passenger movement.

35 Seater Volvo Bus Hire in IndiaComplies with 2001/85EC

The Volvo is designed to meet the European Bus & Bus Booking Directive for class 1 vehicles. The body structure and exterior side panels are made of stainless steel, providing superior protection against corrosion, low maintenance costs, a long service life and residual value.

Modern Electronics
The on-board electronics continuously register and store data from the engine, transmission, brakes and other components. This means that the driver is alerted if a fault arises, at the same time as the bus's vital components are protected from damage.

Fuel-efficient and environmentally optimized

The Volvo is powered by a new electronically managed, horizontally installed in-line 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 12 litres and a power output of 420 hp. It is optimized to meet Euro 3 requirements and combines high torque with good fuel economy and low emissions. If you want to reduce exhaust emissions still further, you can specify either the Volvo Exhaust Filter, which cuts emissions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulates by between 80 and 90 percent, or our oxidizing catalytic converter.

First-class comfort

The Volvo offers superb road holding and ride stability, not least owing to its rigid frame. The high-torque engine and our new Volvo I-Shift gear-changing system, which combines the convenience of an automatic gearbox with the robustness and reliability of a manual one, offer excellent drive ability. The braking system includes features such as Volvo's patented electronically controlled disc brakes, ABS, ASR, Volvo Engine Brake and Volvo Compact Retarder. The Volvo 9900 has electronically controlled air suspension and independent front suspension.

Volvo 35 Seater Bus Booking

No. of Cylinders - 6
Engine- CUMMINS 6BT Water-cooled engine with max.
Seating Capacity - 35 Seater

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