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  • :
  • 21,087 Sq Kms
  • Temperature
  • :
  • 11 degree - 21 degree C in winter ,
    20 degree - 30 degree C in summer
  • Average rainfall
  • :
  • 250 per annum
  • Population
  • :
  • 8,91,058
  • Sex Ratio
  • :
  • 938 female per 1000 male
  • Literacy
  • :
  • 88.49 (Second Highest in the country)
  • Highest Point
  • :
  • Phawngpui (Blue Mountain) 2,210/2065 M


Mizoram is one of the youngest states in the country situated in the north-eastern part of India.Mizoram became the 23rd state of the Indian Union on 29th of February 1987. Mizoram is perched like a lone sentinel on the tip of the north eastern border of India.Mizoram is sandwiched between Burma on the east and south, Bangladesh and Tripura in the west and Assam and Manipur to the north. Mizoram has the most variegated hilly terrain in the eastern India. The hills are steep, and separated by rivers flowing either to the north or south, creating deep gorges between the hill ranges. The word Mizo means highlander, a collective name given by their neighbours to a number of tribes which settled in the region.They are originally believed to have come from North-Western China around three centuries ago.

The climate is pleasant, generally cool in summer, and not very cold in winter. It rains heavily from May to September.

Mizoram is a treasure - trove of natural beauty, with its emerald valleys and dales, gurgling streams and falls, amazing fields of exotic blooms, and a teeming fauna population. The highest peak in the region, Phawngpui (meaning vast meadow) also known as Blue Mountain, a wonderful garden of rhododendron of arboreum and veitchianum species, is 2,065 mts (7,100 ft). Mizos, the people of Mizoram, are primarily, cultivators. Almost all festivals of Mizoram are connected with agricultural activities. Mizoram has a high literacy rate of 87 %, surpassed only by the state of Kerala. Most of the Mizos are Christians, and speak Mizo and English. The Mizo culture boasts a plethora of folk and community dances that get passed down over the generations. The most popular of these dances are the Cheraw (bamboo dance), Khuallam, Solakia and Chheih lam. None of these dance-forms were intended for the stage - they evolved through community participation.

Location :

Latitude 21degree 58' & 24 degree 35' N Longitude 92 degree 15' & 93 degree 29' E

Travel Information: Air:

There is daily Vayudoot air service between Calcutta and Aizawl.


Silchar, at a distance of 180 kms from Aizawl (capital of Mizoram) is the nearest railhead .


Buses run by the Mizoram State Transport ply regularly between Silchar and Aizawl. Note: For entry into Mizoram, people other than Government employees, should obtain the Inner Line pass from the Liaison Officer, Government of Mizoram, at Silchar or Calcutta.

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