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  • :
  • Ranchi
  • Area
  • :
  • 79.70 Lakh Hect
  • Population
  • :
  • 21843911
  • Density of
  • :
  • 274 persons / Sq. KM
  • No. of Districts
  • :
  • 18 + 4
  • Cultivable Land
  • :
  • 38.00 Lakh Hect
  • Forest
  • :
  • 29% of total area


The Indian Parliament passed the Bihar Re-organization Bill on 2nd August 2000, to create the state of Jharkhand. The genesis of the demand can be traced toearly 1900s when Jaipal Singh, the Oxford educated hockey captain of 1928 olympics, mooted the idea of a separate state consisting of the southern district of Bihar.

Jharkhand - The state comprises of twenty-two districts of the erstwhile Bihar. With an area of 74,677 Sq km, the new state will be bordered by Bihar, Chattisgarh, Orissa, and West Bengal to its north, west, south and east respectively. 35% of the population of former Bihar is in the jharkhand region. With its huge reserves of forests and natural resources, things can only look up in this predominantly poverty ridden region.

Jharkhand is a state of Mines and Minerals, industries, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Forestaries. It is mostly a tribal area. Nearly eighty percent of the population of the state are tribes. Sarhul is the most famous festival among the tribes. With its capital city Ranchi, Mines are located near the Dhanbad city, Minerals are in Chhotanagpur, Wildlife in Hazaribagh, industries in Jamshedpur and Bokaro.

It is rich in Iron and Steel, Coal, Mica etc. Iron ore rich area is Chhotanagpur. Bokaro is well known for its Iron and Steel. Jamshedpur is the industrial Capital of the state.

Deoghar is a well known Hindu Pilgrimage center. One of the Dwadash Jyotirlinga is situated here.

Places to See :

Chotanagpur, Hazaribagh, Ranchi

Chotanagpur :

Blissfully remote and uniquely beautiful, the tranquil environs of Chotanagpur offers an ideal escape from the restrictions of civilization. It is still the place of bygone days tempered with moments of serenity, goodwill and charm that make it impossible not to be seduced by its beauty and climate. The landscape combines. The raucous vivacity, the exquisite scenery, the creaking Ox-carts and innocent tribal looks that greet us everywhere, pollution is something unheard and for the fraction of the amount of what we pay in metros, one can buy fruits and vegetables with unmatched natural taste and flavour.

Hazaribagh :

Meaning a thousand gardens, is a famous Health Hill Resort situated on a height of 2019 ft. above sea level. It has an excellent climate and beautiful sceneries are all around it in the midst of dense forest. It is rich in flora and fauna. Hazaribagh is 93 kms from Ranchi by road and at the same time it is also well connected by road with important towns of the state. It falls on N.H. 33.The Hazaribagh plateau has on its eastern margin, Parasnath the highest hill in Bihar, rising to a height of 4,480 feet. The loftiness here is of another order.

Ranchi :

Situated picturesquely in the heart of Chotanagpur at an altitude of 2,140 ft above sea level is the nucleus of the region. Once the summer capital of Bihar, Ranchi is well known for its scenic attractions, waterfalls, barren rocks & hillocks. It has a number of industrial Complexes, which are very important in the industrial life of the country. While on the one hand beautiful and exciting waterfalls are scattered around this town, on the other hand huge industries are also to be seen there, which do attract visitors. There are many scenic attractions in and around Ranchi that hold tourists for days together.

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