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Cab Hire in Mumbai

Mumbai is the capital of the state of Maharashtra. This city got its name from Mumbadevi - the stone goddess that Koli fishermen in the city worshipped. Mumbai houses India's largest Stock Exchange, which is supposed to be the third largest in the world. Located on the West Coast of India, Mumbai is a place for fun lovers. The city has natural harbour, which was developed by British. It is one of the busy ports of India and handles approximately 40 % of India maritime trade. The group of seven islands was leased to East India Company who offered freedom of business and religion to persons who came and settled here. Mumbai is more than a cosmopolitan city made of concrete buildings. The factories and mills in Mumbai operate day and night and thereby meet the growing demands of the commercial city of Mumbai.

Apart from being the commercial city of India, Mumbai boast number of tourist's attractions. Some of the tourist's spots to name are Gateway Of India, Haji Ali Mosque, Chowapathy beach, and Marine drive. Also sky scrappers, double trekker buses, pubs and bars, it has a number of museums, libraries, art galleries and theatres. In addition, most important here live the Bollywood stars, dreamland of many Bollywood aspirants and one of the most happening places in India. Come n visit this capital and have a blast of lifetime!

Important Facts

The total area of the city is 468 sq. km or 170 sq. miles.


The population is 18 million, projected to reach 28.5 million by 2020.


Marathi, Hindi and English are the main languages.


Mumbai has a truly tropical climate and temperatures remain uniform throughout the year. It has three seasons: hot, humid and very humid. The period between October and February is the most pleasant. It is very hot just before the monsoon rains break in mid-June. In September, the humidity and temperature begin to fall.

Summers: 39.0 C - 20.0 C,

Winters: 34.0 C - 12.0 C.

Best season to visit Mumbai, is any time of the year as the city never disappoints. The activity goes on 365 days a year and the city never comes to a standstill.

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