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Tour Operator In India

Tour Operator In India India the Destination of the Millennium. India is known as a "subcontinent", with an area of about 3.3 million square kilometers. Northern India is separated from the rest of Asia by the Himalayan Mountains. The country is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal in the east, the Arabian Sea to the west, and the Indian Ocean to the south.
This immense land mass has many climatic and physical variations. The temperature and environment change drastically as one travels through the country. Likewise, the land itself changes; there are mountains and deserts, vast plains and tropical jungles. Yet, it is all one nation.
To visit such nation with pride and mesmerizing your trip, you need to rent a car or Bus Booking to take on a ride but with safety on road, well-maintained cars with
Tour Operator In India experienced chauffeurs.
Travel Guide India has all your travel solutions under one roof be it for corporate travel or personalized packed service for other individuals. We offer a wide range of cars and Bus Bookinges to all its corporate clientele with special discounts, efficient and friendly reservation service, well dressed chauffeurs with good communication skills. With our strong infrastructure we even have a widespread network of associates all over India providing personalized services to its clients in any part of the country.

Instructions While Choosing Your Vehicle

Tour Operator In India 1. Always look for original vehicles operating in India, as sometimes the pics of     vehicles shown on the website are not    original. If possible, get the picture of     the vehicle in which you will travel.
2. Check for the fleet of vehicles of the concerned tour operator, so that at the        time of breakdown or any such circumstances he can help you out with
    other vehicle.
3. Keep the complete information of the car and Bus Bookinges i.e. Car No., Driver         Name and his Mobile numbers etc. before hiring a car.
4. Please keep a check that the car model is not more that 1 or 2 years old and     is well maintained when you are going
    on a long journey.
5. Always hire a commercial vehicle and not a private one.
6. Traveling in the night should be avoided if it is not urgent.
7. While traveling stop your car & Bus Booking at the most convenient location, and not at lonely places.
8. If you feel driver is not driving properly, don't ignore and call to the tour operator.

Important Message:

Travel Guide India requests all the tourists to take care while choosing your vehicle, so that you may not face any problem while traveling. We want all the tourists safe and secure here in India, and get the best value of their money spent.

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