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Paintings In India

Paintings In IndiaAs one, opens the cultural basket of India, the first treasure comes out is the excellent paintings. Apart from the globally acclaimed painters, India is also rich with the traditional rural paintings, like Madhubani Paintings of Bihar. The village women exploring their imagination make the paintings, and these bright paintings are going palaces across the globe. These traditional Indian folk art paintings are worth of collection.

Floor Painting:
The origin of painting is traced to a moving legend recorded in the Chitralakshana - the earliest Indian treatise on painting. The Chola rulers in the south, made extensive use of Kolam, floor designs. These decorations are done only by women and are amongst the most expressive of folk-arts. They are known by different names in different parts of the country, Alpana in Bengal and Assam, Aripana in Bihar, mandana in Rajasthan, rangoli in Gujarat and Maharashtra, Chowkpurana in Uttar Pradesh and Kolam in the South. The Rajasthani mandana is equally rich. Floor paintings in Andhra are known as Muggulu and Himachal Pradesh has its own distinctive floor paintings with geometrical patterns.

Wall Paintings:

The paintings on walls have deeper themes, also narrative in a series of panels. Wall paintings are usually made at festivals and special occasions like marriages. Folk paintings attain a high standard and artists won a great fame in this art.

Phad Paintings:

Phad Paintings are predominantly yellow, red and green colored long scrolls carried by the "Bhopas" itinerant balladeers of Rajasthan who narrated in song the legend of Pabuji - a local hero. Phads are now also available in smaller panels portraying single incidents or characters from the epic.

Mughal Miniature:

Of all the art forms in the Mughal period, miniature paintings are painstakingly painted creations that depict the events and lifestyle of the Mughals in their magnificent palaces. Other paintings include portraits or studies of wildlife and plants. This art is still alive and popular in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.


The wall paintings of Madhubani are joyous expressions of the women in Madhubani. The lively compositions and the vibrant colors used to paint them are generally drawn from Indian mythology.

Ideal destination to shop:

Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and West Bengal.

Metal Craft In India

Metal Craft In IndiaSome of the finest metal works is the use enameled silver which is used for everything from pillboxes to figurines. Brass enamel is less expensive, and more prevalent from tabletops to dancing peacocks, caparisoned elephants, dancing camels, swords and shields .In recent years, wrought iron has become popular, though this is more contemporary in its usage, than traditional. Indian artisans have always shown an exceptional skill in engraving, chasing and ornamenting of gold and silver articles of everyday and decorative use.

Gold & Silverware:

The princely states of India demanded not only enameled jewellery but also enameled utensils such as wine-cups, finger bowls, pillboxes etc. in both gold and silver repousse, sometimes studded with jewels. The craftspersons of India excel in this art. With the evolution of new tools, techniques and skills, they are now better equipped to cater to modern tastes. Fully geared to meet modern market demands, today the gold and silver plated articles produced are usually plain or even when ornamented are devoid of extensive encrustation. Portions of silver articles are sometimes covered with gold water. Ideal destinations to shop: Lucknow, produces an extensive range of gold and silver plated articles in a multitude of patterns. The designs resemble those found in Kashmir.

Brass & Copperware:

India is the largest brass and copper making region in the world with thousands of establishments spread all over for articles made out of one or more pieces of metal. Goods produced have an all India market, with a portion being exported to other countries.

Ideal destination to shop:

Metal Craft In IndiaMoradabad is famous for utensils, both utility and ornamental, Varanasi, is the first city in India for the multitude of its cast and sculptured mythological images and emblematic in brass and copper as well as household utensils, Mirzapur is also one of the important brass industries, other places famous for metalware are Kashmir, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Metal Ornamentation:
Metal ornaments have been a rave in all ages and times. The attractive contrast in colors and textures of metals has led to the evolution of metal ornamentation through techniques like inlay, overlay, appliqué, fixing of colors etc.


It is a form of surface ornamentation. The work is in black color, which never fades and is relieved with silver and gold inlay. This art abounds in fish motifs, flora & fauna and vine leaf patterns.

Ideal destination to shop:
Lucknow is the centre of manufacturing bidri.

This is the art of coloring and ornamenting the surface of the metal by fusing over it various mineral substances. The beauty of the article depends on the skill and resources of the worker and the excellence of the materials employed. The range of colors obtained on gold is much greater than that on silver, copper and brass. There are three forms of enameling including the Cloisonné of Japan and China, the Chamleve pattern of Lucknow and Varanasi, and Jaipur specializing in enameled trays and trinket boxes.

Ideal destinations to shop:

Lucknow, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bihar.

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