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Muslim Wedding

Muslim WeddingMuslim wedding follows the custom and rituals which has come down from the Moghul rulers in the medieval India. Muslim families in India follow the traditional way of wedding. Muslim Wedding mostly follow the same customs and rituals in Nikah, as followed by the Middle Eastern Muslims.

Muslim wedding is often referred to as "Nikaah". The wedding ceremony is normally conducted at the bride's place or at any common venue. A Maulvi or priest in the presence of close family members, friends and relatives, conducts the wedding rituals. The 'Walis' (the father of the bride and of the bridegroom) play a vital role in the wedding ceremony. The Maulvi reads selected verses from the Quran and the Nikaah is complete after the Ijab-e-Qubul (proposal and acceptance).After which consent of the bride and the groom is taken who are made to sit separately.
The Mehar is a compulsory amount of money given by the groom's family to the bride on the day of the wedding. It is a custom according to the rules laid down in Islam. The Nikaahnaama is a document in which the marriage contract is registered. It contains a set of terms and conditions that must be followed by both the families, it also gives the bride the right to divorce her husband. The contract is legal only when the bridegroom, the bride, the Walis, and the Maulvi duly sign it. After the wedding ceremony is over the newly wedded bride and groom receives blessings from the elders and older women of the family and the guests pray for their happy married life.

Islam does not allow inter-religious, marriages. The wedding ceremony can be arranged at the groom's or bride's house. But these days, Muslims in India prefer grandly decorated banquet halls as their marriage venue. The pre-marriage rituals include Istikhara and Imam-Zamin, Mangni, Manjha and Sanchaq. Arsi Mushaf, salami, Rukhsati, Kheer Chatai, Runumai and Bridal Night are some of the rituals that Indian Muslims observe after marriage.

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