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The view of twinkling stars in moon twilight and the flicker of campfires, an aroma of coffee in the air with frying pancakes, the chuckling sound of your children having fun while indulging in all those restricted activities -these are a few of the things beckons family camping.

Family camping is a perfect way to fabricate a closer relationship between parents and kids. Sharing experiences from all the exciting trips under taken in the past, will help you communicate with your children with more understanding and affection throughout your life. Family camping assist you in spending the quality time with your young ones and your spouse and with all those accompaning you on your family camping tour.

Enjoy some of these precious moments at your family camp site like walking back from the showers in the morning, dinner of mouth watering roasted chicken, loud laughing sounds of kid's playing and the bash of fresh morning air on your face. Camping with kids and with your family members is great family pleasure.

Adventure Activities at Family Camping
Family camping can be a great adventure activity at a home away from home. Some of the sports that can be enjoyed with family on a beach or river tributary with a delicious dinner arranged at the sight are -whitewater rafting - a great Family Camping sport enjoyed by every one whether kids of old people. Other adventure activities that can be indulge in at the campsite are - fishing, hiking, cycling, Canoeing and kayaking.

Important Gears
The basic gear required on a family camping tour is a sleeping bag / pad, tent, eating utensils etc. Don't forget to keep your outdoor camping clothes - hat, flashlight, sunscreen glasses and a perfect pair of shoes.

Your personal gear includes your toiletries and a sensible approach towards your family camping. An organized family camping tour is just like your home with all facilities and comforts, it includes folding chairs, warm campfires, cold drinks and some outfitters even offer wine or beer tasting, live music, geology and naturalist lectures.

Other camping gear tips include - lanterns, rain flies, sleeping bags, batteries, folding chairs, axes and even toilet paper.

Family Camping Tips
When your camping trip includes young children some extra planning and precautions will make the trip more fun and memorable. Here are some tips to help you start thinking ahead about camping with children.

It's always good to camp in a group and better take guides with you if you are taking up a campsite of an unexplored site or place you are not exactly aware about.

Young children should stay within eyesight, and older children within earshot. Tell them to stay where they are if they discover they are lost. Children can also be assisted with a simple survival kit and a whistle to call for help when lost.

If you are traveling to higher altitudes then don't forget to keep the medical aid as children get cold faster than adults. They should be dressed in many layers that can be taken off as day gets warmer or added on as they cool off.

Teach your kids to treat the outdoors with due respect, make sure all waste is disposed of properly when camping or hiking along the trails. Prepare a separate medical kit with all essential medicines as injuries can happen anytime while on your family camping tour. Better not use the wood as fuel and use one fire ring for cooking and one for campfire.

Camping Regions in India
Family camping trips can be undertaken on the hilly regions of Garhwal and Kumaon in Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh. At the cool sand of Rajasthan or on the backwaters of Kerala. Samode Bagh, Jaipur Pushkar, Rajasthan Mussoorie, Uttaranchal Chilla, Uttaranchal Kaudiyala, Uttaranchal also make an excellent family camping sites.

Some of the preferred family camping destinations in India include- Rishikesh, Jim Corbett National Park, and Kaudiyala in Uttaranchal. Rajasthan also facilitates family camping sites, with established camps in set locations that would be fit for royalty. Some premium camping sites in Rajasthan are Sam sand dunes, camping at Pushkar during Pushkar Fair.

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