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Nawalgarh Travel Guide

Nawalgarh FortNawalgarh is rightly referred to as the Open Air Gallery. There is art all around. Nawalgarh is renowned all over the world for its exquisitely painted havelis that are beautifully designed and carved. The havelis are the mansions that boast of the beautifully carved wooden gates and the painted walls. The ornate iron and brass fittings revealed the affluence of the owner of the haveli. The marvelous murals have been painted on both the sides of the walls. The paintings were further decorated with small pieces of mirror, gold and silver leaves. The religious nature of the people is revealed in the paintings that revolve around the themes for the life and times of Lord Krishna. In fact there are a range of topics that get covered on the walls of the havelis at Nawalgarh. The list of must visit havelis at Nawalgarh comprises of the Anandilal Poddar Haveli, the Jodhraj Patodia Haveli, Bansidar Bhagat Haveli, Chokhani Haveli, the Aath (eight) Haveli complex, Chhawchhariya Haveli, Murarka Haveli, Hem Raj Kulwal Haveli, Bhagton Ki Haveli, and Khedwal Bhavan. The traders and merchants constructed most of the havelis in the 18th century and the early 19th century. The business of silk and opium brought in a lot of wealth to the merchants. So check out these finest frescoes in the Nawalgarh!

While at Nawalgarh you must visit the British Clock Tower at the college. The clock tower is a major landmark in Nawalgarh, which is the heart of the Shekhawati. Then there are two famous forts of Nawalgarh. The dome of the Nawalgarh fort has an aerial view of Jaipur painted on it. The Ganga Mai temple near the gate of one of the forts is a major tourist attraction.

Places Of Interest (Nawalgarh) Nawalgarh Fort

The main building in this town is the fort, founded in 1737 AD but today it stands largely disfigured by the modern accretions. Now it houses two banks and a few government offices.

Roop Niwas Palace

About one km from the fort is the salubrious Roop Niwas Palace. The palace is enchanting with a well-laid garden and fountains. It has now been converted into a heritage hotel. Anandi Lal Poddar Haveli.This haveli, built in the 1920s, houses a school, but has many fine paintings. It is the only haveli in the whole Shekhawati, which has been restored by its owner.

Sheesh MahalThe Aath Haveli Complex
The complex consisting of the eight havelis is worth a visit.

Sheesh Mahal
It is an astounding building with a ceiling mural that includes maps of Nawalgarh and Jaipur. Murarka Haveli, Bansidhar Bhagat Haveli, Chokhani Haveli, Gangamai Temple are also important sites that one cannot afford to miss.

Travel Information (Nawalgarh)
Air :

Jaipur is the nearest airport, 142-km away.

Rail :

There is a railway station at Nawalgarh and is well connected to the surrounding areas by train.

Road :

Jaipur is 142-kms from Nawalgarh by road.

Local Transport :

Jeeps and auto rickshaws are availabe for within the city commutation.

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