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Dausa Travel Guide

NILKANTH MAHADEV TEMPLE,DAUSADausa is situated on National Highway No. 11, 54-km east of Jaipur, Dausa is an ancient town of archaeological importance. It had the privilege of being one of the erstwhile kingdoms of Kachhawah rulers of Dhundhar. An old fort and many havelis are located in and around Dausa. Dausa is a very ancient place.
Carlyle in the year 1871-72 AD found a number of stone circles on the sloping ground to the north of the foot of the hill. One or two of them contained cromlechs, a few cairns and sepulchral mound of prehistoric date. Daya Ram Sahni, an archaeologist, also visited Dausa and discovered other interesting antiquities, which are believed to belong to the late medieval period. The excavations include a collection of some 40 or 50 fragments of stone images of some of the principal Hindu gods and goddesses.

Dulha Rai : The Valorous King

Dulha Rai, the real conqueror of Dhundhar, was a youth of remarkable beauty and valour and hence got his name "Dulha Rai" or the "bridegroom prince". His fame attracted to his banners, the voluntary support of all the spirited chiefs in the neighborhood . Dulha married the daughter of Ralhansi, the Chauhan Raja of Lalsot, and received as his wife's dowry, half the share of the fort of Dausa (and its adjacent area), which his father-in-law owned. The other half belonged to a Bargujar family. After securing half of Dausa Fort by marriage, Dulha Rai, with the armed help of his wife's kinsmen and no small amount of chicanery, expelled the Bargujars from their portion of Dausa, and that city became the first capital of the Kachhawahs in Dhundhar land.

Attractions (Dausa) Nilkanth Mahadev Temple

A large stone Linga, was also found whose top only is visible above the ground. It originally belonged to a Shiv Temple on the summit of the hill and a temple of Nilkanth Mahadev now occupies the site.

Mataji Ka Mandir

Another group of finely carved sculptures dating back to12th century AD that are worshipped are built in the front wall of a modern temple (built in 1965) known as Mataji ka Mandir etc.

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